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Importing / Uploading Guidelines


Island Oasis believes in protecting the rights of content creators here and elsewhere. In order to do our best to educate incoming content creators and casual users and help prevent them from knowingly or unknowingly violate the rights of others, we have published the following importing guidelines that now must be acknowledged when creating a new account here on Island Oasis. When creating an account for Island Oasis you will have to check a box to acknowledge that you have read and understand these Importing Guidelines. Those who fail to acknowledge they have read and understand these guidelines will not be able to complete registration process. We feel this in an important step for the grid and its residents.

Much of what is covered in these guidelines are common sense and are simply designed to help you protect yourself from potential DMCA filings as well as to protect the rights of content creators on this and on other grids.

Island Oasis has taken steps to blacklist known copybot viewers to the best of our ability. The Importing guidelines will also cover export.

Content downloaded from a "FREE" site where the content is royalty free and the site implies a "use as you wish" license, fall outside of the scope of these guidelines. You are free to upload and use this content just as the license implies.

General rules to consider:

* Do not import/upload items (full or partial) that you have not created yourself unless you have true and accurate legal permissions.
* Do not import/upload textures that you have not created yourself unless you have true and accurate legal permissions.
* Do not import/upload sculpt maps that you have not created yourself unless you have true and accurate legal permissions.
* Do not import/upload mesh that you have not created yourself unless you have true and accurate legal permissions.
* Do not import/upload animations that you have not created yourself unless you have true and accurate legal permissions.

The phrase "true and accurate legal permissions" refers to having in writing from the original content creator that you DO expressly have permission to bring the items here to Island Oasis for the purpose of content creation. It is up to you to assure the person you are acquiring the items from actually IS the original content creator. Failure to follow through on checking up on the information can potentially leave you open to having content removed from the grid if the original creator files a DMCA requesting content be removed.

The first rule of thumb is the common sense sentiment that if you do not specifically have permission to bring it here, then do NOT assume that you do. When in doubt-leave it out! Many have held the belief that if the original creator is selling his/her content full perm and has not said NO then the answer must be YES. That logic in fallible and in many cases can result in a DMCA being filed against you. Having the ability to import or upload completed builds, partial builds, textures, sculpt maps, animations, sounds, or any other item used in content creation is not the same thing is having the legal right to do so. The term FULL PERM on another grid may mean full perm for that grid only, so when in doubt, check it out.

*Read the original content creators policies, not just a permissions list.
*Do not assume content creators will not extend a license or give permission to use their content on other grids. Just ask them. In many cases, even if the content creator indicates in a packaged TOS notecard that the content cannot leave the grid, if you contact them directly they will grant an extended license. Many times, the packaged TOS documents provided with many products sold on other grids were drafted before they were even aware that other grids existed. So, take the time to contact them, you may be pleasantly surprised.
*Do not be discouraged if a content creator turns you down, it is their right to choose to do so.

For builders who are making items for sale here on Island Oasis, in order to be completely safe we recommend that you create all of your own content personally. That is the one only way to be 100% safe and secure that you are not violating anything. We can appreciate content creators providing building tools for residents in Island Oasis to build items. It is recommended to Content Creators that are selling creations such as sculpts, textures, animations, scripts, mesh, and more for the purpose of builders edition items, that you sell them no modify. That will prevent export of your items to other places through our approved viewers. Of course you have the right to set your creations for sale, or give away with any permission you wish and we respect your choices. The goal is that you be aware of the options of choices and have knowledge of Island Oasis's recommendations for safety.

Example: If you buy items (with permissions to take it anywhere and use it in any means) called A, B and C from Seller 2 and they obtained the items illegally or they do not have permission to redistribute and Seller 1 is the original content creator, remember that Seller 1 will always have the right to file a DMCA against anyone using their content without their express permission. Even if a legal suit would potentially not leave you being persecuted since you obtained the items from seller 2 it will definitely leave you having your items created with A, B and C removed from the grid.

Lets look at another related example that may help with the incorrect assumption that if "you bought it on another grid 'full perm' then its OK to bring it here to Island Oasis to use".

You live in the United States. You can go to your local nursery and purchase 10 trees to plant. They are your trees. You can do whatever you want with them (in other words- full perm). OK great. You decide you will be moving to second home in Brazil. You will be leaving the US for now and you want to use these trees where you are going to. You know they are your trees. You bought them full perm. There was nothing in the packaging that said you can't take them to Brazil. (although you never asked either. ) You get to the dock to board a ship for travel to Brazil. You are stopped. You are told you are not allowed to take these trees to Brazil. You do not have the proper certification for exporting. You tell them you paid for those trees they are yours and you are choosing to bring them to Brazil, the seller never said you couldn't take them to Brazil. Regardless of how much you think you are entitled to take the trees elsewhere you still need to obtain certification for export.

Now just substitute the names of thing in the above scenario, instead of trees they are sculpt maps or textures or some other builders edition item. Instead of attempting to take trees out of the US and into Brazil you are attempting to take those items out of another virtual environment and bring them to Island Oasis. YOU need to have the proper proof that you are allowed to do so. Anything less and you risk being subject to DMCA filing naming you and your products.

All of this in in an effort to protect rights and not infringe on the rights of anyone. Here at Island Oasis our goal is to provide a safe environment for the content creator, the builder as well as the end user of products created and used on the grid.

Island Oasis will import IAR files provided to us from another grid however, Island Oasis accepts no responsibility for the quality of the IAR nor do we accept responsibility if said IAR contains content that does not have export permissions by the creator.
Note: Such an import will incur a $5 service fee. This fee will be billed via invoice prior to service