In order to connect to Island Oasis, you MUST have a viewer application installed on your computer.

Select a viewer from the list below and click the "download" link to download and install the viewer application!

If Island Oasis is not already configured in your selected viewer click HERE for instruction on how to manually configure your viewer to connect to Island Oasis.

After you have installed your viewer... Simply double click the viewer icon on your computer desktop, enter your Island Oasis First name, Last name, and password then click "Login".

Non Pre-Configured Desktop Viewers

Viewer Name Version Windows Linux Linux (64) Mac OS Mesh?
Phoenix Viewer All Download Download û Download ü
Kokua Viewer 3.4.4 Download Download Download û ü
Imprudence v1.4.0 Beta 2 Download Download û Download û
Cool VL Viewer All Download Download û Download ü
Singularity Viewer All Download Download Download Download ü
NOTICE: Not all SL viewers are fully compatible with our OpenSim environment; please download one of the viewers listed above to ensure compatability with Island Oasis.

Minimum System Requirements

All systems should have at least the following:
  • Video/graphics card: nVIDIA GeForce 2, GeForce 4mx, or better; or ATI Radeon 8500, 9250 or better
  • High-speed internet (Cable or DSL)
PC / Windows / Vista
  • Operating system: Windows XP (SP2) or Windows 2000 (SP4)
  • Processor: 800MHz Pentium III or better
  • Memory: 256MB or better
  • Operating system: Max OS x 10.3.9 or better
  • Processor: 1 GHz G4 or better
  • Memory: 512MB or better
  • Operating system: various distributions
  • Processor: 1 GHz or better
  • Memory: 512MB or better

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