Island Oasis

Welcome to Island Oasis!

What is Island Oasis?

IO is an immersing three dimentional virtual world of endless possibilities.

If you like to be creative or express yourself, there are a countless number of ways that you can do that here. Everything from gaming, roleplay, building environments from the past, present and future to creating your own fashion line.

If you're not the creative or expressive type, that's OK too. Many people enjoy simply exploring the many public attractions and scenic spots on the map while mingling and socializing with friends as a great way to bring their social media experience to life in a more interactive format. You can also purchase your own virtual land and make it into your own private paradise in cyberspace. You truly are limited only by your own imagination!

Registration is free so sign up and get started today!

It's always sunny in IO!

Grid Info: ONLINE 206 Regions 6404 Residents 895 Unique Logins (Past 30 Days)